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Those of us who grew to adulthood in a atmosphere of derision toward others know a terrible truth we hope will never be known by our great-grandchildren.

We know what it is to accept without question the prejudices of a deeply bigoted society.

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President Trump wants to testify. But his lawyers hesitate. He might forget details and be accused of perjury.

But I can help.

Here is a powerful little memory trick I was taught as a kid. I guarantee it will keep you out of perjury trouble.

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As Christians, many of us seem willing to turn their backs on what we see as the least of these, which is to say Jesus Himself.

It is becoming clear that we are now willing to replace Jesus with another ancient figure who stood in brutal opposition.

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I recognize the latest defense offered for Trump in conspiring with Russia. It was used over 40 years ago in Maryland.

But here's the problem. It sent my political hero to a prison cell.

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Coincidence happens. A private financial deal can occur with a change in policy. By now, it should be impossible for anyone not captured by wishful thinking to believe that these abrupt changes in direction just happen to flow along the Trump money trail.

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One clue to Trump cruelty - his willingness to attack combat heroes, grieving widows, gold star families, and others - can be found in his curiously mystified befuddlement at simple humor.

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The root cause of the political death spiral that afflicts the Republican Party has been blamed on Trump, Nixon, and a host of minor players. We have overlooked a hidden player that has only been with us for 30 years.

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There is a deep seated human need to discover justice, to see good rewarded, to see evil punished.

This administration has turned that on its head. We see the worst acts rewarded. Virtue is a hanging offense.

Scott Pruitt is a case in point.

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They appear as polar opposites.

Mr. Comey is truthful, Mr. Trump dwells in alternate facts. Mr. Comey is low key, Mr. Trump bluster itself, Mr. Comey avoids personally denigrating others.

Yet, in one respect, they are frighteningly similar.

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True conservatives, the heartless ideological sort, are mistakenly attacking the Special Counsel.

They can make their wildest dreams come true, if they ignore the dyspeptic Mr. Trump and force Mueller to go much farther than he wants to go.

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