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Pundits and politicians argue about John Boehner's success or failure. Pretty much all of them have it wrong.

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The base is on a journey far down into the blood soaked logic of religious and ethnic division stains too much of human history.

We know they would kill us. We know this because we would kill them. That is why we must get rid of them first.

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Mike Huckabee is right that the Dred Scott decision was a moral and legal monstrosity. He is only wrong about Gay Rights, American history, the law, the courts, and every President since Thomas Jefferson.

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Kim Davis is inspired by Martin Luther King. If she knew who inspired Dr. King, she might take on another duty.

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Marvin Mandel led his state into a medical revolution, using helicoptor transport to save those who would have been given up for dead.

He did it with no political benefit to himself, and he did it against a vicious campaign waged by entrenched medical, insurance, and business interests.

He was a hero.

He should have served a longer term in prison.

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Henry Fonda's film from half a century ago helps explain Donald Trump's popularity in the Republican Party of today.

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Policy is the key part of government. Policy determines what works and what doesn't, who benefits and who is left behind, who pays and who doesn't.

My interest in policy tends to vanish when life, death, and punishment matter more.

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The outrage from liberals on behalf of Goldwater in 1964 was vocal.

From conservatives in 2015?

Not so much.

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On abortion, I understand the position of my conservative friends. I'm fairly sure they don't comprehend mine.


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The umbrella man of Dealey Plaza was never a serious analyst of nuclear limits.

He wasn't in 1963.

He isn't today.

And we should answer conservatives as they try to bring him back.

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