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Trusted intelligence officers who give away security secrets may have many reasons. A recently arrested CIA officer was greedy. 40 years ago, Philip Agee hated capitalism. In 2016, General Flynn simply hated. Today, President Trump wants to impress.

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It has not happened. We must hope it never happens.

But we are uncomfortably close to discovering that "Banana Republic" can refer to something other than an upscale clothing retailer with a safari theme.

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Experts watch for subtle signals that could mean great danger or great opportunity for the safety of our nation.

And we have a President determined to get rid of those experts.

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A numble President and Cabinet join in public prayer, thanking God for providing to a grateful nation a President and Cabinet as courageous and bold as themselves.

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Steve Bannon said he wanted to do for the GOP in Alabama what propagandist Leni Riefenstahl did for German Nazis in the 1930s.

In his own way, he succeeded.

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The lawyerly statement was just another example of obfuscation, denying the significance of the flipping of Flynn.

The entire corrupt enterprise is now endangered by one of its highest, most corrupt members.

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The cruel administration policy sank into a lowdown dirty trick against children, until Trump people got scared off by the one judge who didn't want to deal with any of it.

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On November 19, a special time marking national redefinition, a day signifying dedication to an ideal, we are reminded instead how far we have fallen.

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We face a comedic death of liberty, not to some authoritarian plot, but because a bumbler knows not what he does.

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The tragedy of George W. Bush is not that he was stupid, but that he was not. He was just too bored for the job.

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