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The clash of ideology that dominates our national life reflects two contrasting approaches to life itself.

We can struggle to win by making losers of those we encounter, or we can find ways to win together.


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An economic theory from 1833 is now a nightmare for many in North Carolina.

It is a warning for conservatives today.

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Mitrofan Nedelin set off an explosion in the Soviet Empire in 1960 that killed an amazing number of scientists, and how he left a lesson for North Korea's dictator, and for President Trump.

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President Trump's attack on Syria was less effective because he let Putin Know first.

He had to.

Here's why.

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Republicans may end one tradition.

They have started two more that seem, to some conservatives, as natural as breathing.

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One President faced a hostile audience and emerged a winner.

The other faced friends and turned them to opponents.

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A personality that seems disconnected from any external reality can only be compared to a character from fiction.

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Two Presidents:

Two parallel military tragedies.

Two entirely different standards of personal responsibility.

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The Trump administration prepares the latest trade scam.

It's a neat trick.

Count all imports, but not all exports.

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Elizabeth Warren deserves praise: She "persisted."

Among others who persisted, John Quincy Adams was a true original.

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