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Mitrofan Nedelin set off an explosion in the Soviet Empire in 1960 that killed an amazing number of scientists, and how he left a lesson for North Korea's dictator, and for President Trump.

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President Trump's attack on Syria was less effective because he let Putin Know first.

He had to.

Here's why.

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Republicans may end one tradition.

They have started two more that seem, to some conservatives, as natural as breathing.

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One President faced a hostile audience and emerged a winner.

The other faced friends and turned them to opponents.

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A personality that seems disconnected from any external reality can only be compared to a character from fiction.

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Two Presidents:

Two parallel military tragedies.

Two entirely different standards of personal responsibility.

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The Trump administration prepares the latest trade scam.

It's a neat trick.

Count all imports, but not all exports.

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Elizabeth Warren deserves praise: She "persisted."

Among others who persisted, John Quincy Adams was a true original.

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A moonless night, an operation approved over dinner, tragic death, and an invented story blaming President Obama.

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They come to us with the primal hope for survival.

If we turn away because of their religion , we give up our hope of becoming the nation we once promised ourselves.

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