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Fox News personalities were having a bit of fun with NBC anchor, Brian Williams, over his misleading stories about his wartime reporting experiences.

Then Bill O'Reilly's own inaccuracies came to light. Should O'Reilly resign? Should he take a leave of absence? Should Fox News fire him?

A Fox affiliate in Tampa Florida has a step by step guide ready and waiting to show Bill O'Reilly exactly how to handle the accusations.

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The challenges to President Obama's patriotism is only the latest of startlingly personal vitriol. Everything from attacks on his citizenship to criticism of his children has become increasingly pointed.

Perhaps it is time to put aside political nicety and state the obvious. The hatred is not the result of policy anger or political fury. That anger and that fury don't cause the hatred. They come from it.

That hatred has a source more deeply rooted in a sad tradition.

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Just a short time ago, Republicans filibustered everything, and Democrats protested.

Now, news outlets can report that Republicans want to end the filibuster, while Democrats are willing to use it. It fits nicely into the new journalistic ethic of balance over documented fact. It also fits the pox-on-all-houses sub-narrative that appeals to a cynical public. Everyone is a hypocrite, and balance is maintained.

Do mainstream outlets have it right this time?

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The dreary pattern is repeated again. In an unguarded moment, bigotry is made public. 

A public official now insists he is not a racist.

We can learn from racism. What we can learn more from that denial, might be a more valuable lesson.

That lesson might be about us.

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A minister who fled for his life from South Carolina established a church in Buffalo, New York.

That church, the name of a South Carolina Judge, and the loss of a civil rights case, all join to tell us much of America's racial history.

They also intersect to explain the trajectory of today's Republican Party.

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Between 700 and 800 Palestinians were massacred by Lebanese Christian militias. Ethnic Tutsi were killed with the active participation of Christian churches.

It would be immoral to blame the Christian faith for these horrible acts.

Why do so many have so much difficulty extending the same basic fairness to members of all faiths?

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Ringleaders of terrorism hope to attract new followers by claiming to represent the only true form of Islam.

Anti-Muslim bigots attack Muslims by claiming that terrorists represent true Islam.

Terrorists provide the propoganda. Bigots provide the echo.

They are unexpected bedfellows, speaking the same words, joining in the same message.

Extremists have become partners in a communion of hatred.

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When Mike Huckabee says that he can be friends with gay people.

Sounds good, enen if it is in the same sense that Jesus was friends with tax collectors who extorted far beyond the taxes they sent on to Rome.

He also groups gay sexuality in with swearing and visiting the corner bar after work. That could be a twenty first century way of restating the way the Apostle Paul grouped gay sexuality in with gossip and kids disobeying parents.

I don't agree that being gay equates with any violation of spiritual law, but I at least understand it.

But God doesn't like classical music? Or ballet? Seriously?

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Forget Trickle Down economics.

The Laffer Curve hasn't worked out.

Supply Side has pretty much ruined Kansas.

The newest Republican economic theory comes from Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

It has lifted Mississippi from the worst economy in the nation to ... well ... the second worst.

It is now proposed by former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Expect to hear it often as Republicans look for a way to explain the new Obama economic boom.

It's the only way conservatives can look at the economic world and remain conservative.


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Republicans put into place, as chairman of a Civil Rights subcommittee, a Senator hostile to Civil Rights.

Then they changed the name, and the purpose, of the committee.

It no longer will have anything to do with Civil Rights.

The change is symbolic.

The change is substantive.

The change confirms the new direction of a political party.

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