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In Puerto Rico, as in all of life, one standard motivates our President. There is one principle to which he swears fidelity.

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My President now publicly warns us of 100 pound bags of drugs falling from the sky, sent upward by Mexican catapults.

Ha Ha.

The problem is, some fantasies are leaving scars on vulnerable people, and doing lasting damage to our democracy.

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When Conservatives attacked President Obama as "arrogant," that word held a very special, very specific meaning.

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Are we really surprised that our President will be putting tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield?

How many times did he have to tell us?

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Our President attacked a judge for his Mexican parents.

Of course he would see children of immigrants as expendable.

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President Trump has pardoned Joe Arpaio. Good folks are angry.

They have a good case. Why aren't they making it?

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We have a new US military doctrine.

Fire, Fury, and Power now serve to warn friend and foe alike not to hurt our President's feelings.

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He had been forced to betray his most loyal followers and his own deepest beliefs.

Then the fury erupted and rage spoke in his place.

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Conservatives blame Democrats for their failures in health care repeal.

Democrats would do well to remember Bobby Kennedy and his handling of a confrontation over half a century ago.

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In 1970, Mayor Carl Stokes gently rebuked an accuser.

Not quite half a century later, that rebuke stands in contrast with clumsy denials by Trump's Interior Secretary.

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