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The announcement is disheartening. John McCain has been stricken with brain cancer.

The nation sees tragedy involving a war hero.

Kelli Ward sees a wonderful opportunity for personal advancement.

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Spiro Agnew purged a Senator in 1970. Trump hates a Senator in 2017.

One was about policy.

The other is simply petty.

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They accuse fake news of dragging America to a dangerous place.

But it turns out the news was not fake and those reports are showing us who has been doing the dragging.

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Most of us are values voters. When we decide our candidate is a real jerk, we support someone else.

That can give us hope.

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While falsely accusing us, the restaurant planner accidentally proved the truth. Maybe she should run for President.

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Christianity becomes tribal. Faith becomes ethnic and religious fear. And the most famous of parables is forgotten.

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When the ruler of the most powerful nation in the world demands unconditional loyalty, even future generations will take notice.

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Terrorists attack London. People are killed.

Police respond heroically. Citizens rally.
A mayor reacts with calm and vigilance.

And my President's first impulse is a childish taunt.

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The unknown, little reported, scandal within the scandal we call Watergate helped cause years of national pain.

Nearly five decades later, James Comey repeated that scandal.

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Let us never fear to negotiate.

But let us never be entirely stupid about it.

We simply must make one small demand before President Trump meets with North Korea.

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