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Why Prosecute the Loud-Music Killer Again?

The man who killed a teenager over an argument about loud music will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. Still, it was not a verdict consistent with common sense.

The interview with the one juror who has stepped forward provided confirmation of what many of us have suspected. A majority of the jury wanted to convict the defendant for outright murder. Three holdouts refused.

At issue was whether the shooter was acting in self-defense. The definition in Florida seems to be looser than in most of the country in two respects.

  • He did not actually have to be in any danger from the teenager he shot and killed. He only had to reasonably imagine the danger.
  • Justifiable homicide in Florida is not an affirmative defense in the same way it is in most parts of the world.

An affirmative defense shifts the burden of proof...

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