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We can't trust Iran. 

We need to take a harder stand. 

We are in a simmering war. 

We should not be negotiating. We should be in battle.


Where have we heard all this before?

Those of us who have lived long enough might remember word-for-word.

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Bobby Kennedy began as a law enforcement official who seemed unable to communicate with those on the other side of the poverty line. In five years, he became noted for his ability to transcend racial, economic, and class tensions.

His journey during those five years began with a program of listening and learning.

Half a century later, what can Hillary Clinton learn from his experience?

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For decades, her image has intruded into occasional dreams on sometime restless nights. I wonder what life might have been for her and her child had she lived.

Stanley Forman turned his back after taking his photos, one of which would later win a Pulitzer Prize. He could not bear to see the bodies hit the ground.

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