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President Trump wants to testify. But his lawyers hesitate. He might forget details and be accused of perjury.

But I can help.

Here is a powerful little memory trick I was taught as a kid. I guarantee it will keep you out of perjury trouble.

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I recognize the latest defense offered for Trump in conspiring with Russia. It was used over 40 years ago in Maryland.

But here's the problem. It sent my political hero to a prison cell.

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There is a deep seated human need to discover justice, to see good rewarded, to see evil punished.

This administration has turned that on its head. We see the worst acts rewarded. Virtue is a hanging offense.

Scott Pruitt is a case in point.

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They appear as polar opposites.

Mr. Comey is truthful, Mr. Trump dwells in alternate facts. Mr. Comey is low key, Mr. Trump bluster itself, Mr. Comey avoids personally denigrating others.

Yet, in one respect, they are frighteningly similar.

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True conservatives, the heartless ideological sort, are mistakenly attacking the Special Counsel.

They can make their wildest dreams come true, if they ignore the dyspeptic Mr. Trump and force Mueller to go much farther than he wants to go.

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The lawyerly statement was just another example of obfuscation, denying the significance of the flipping of Flynn.

The entire corrupt enterprise is now endangered by one of its highest, most corrupt members.

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While falsely accusing us, the restaurant planner accidentally proved the truth. Maybe she should run for President.

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A series of incidents, large and small, reminds me of an anxious time in my own past, and signals a dangerous path for our country.

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Until this year, the FBI never released information calculated to influence an election: for an important reason.

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A scandal involving good works, public policy, deleted email messages, financial donations, and a traffic collision.

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