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Most of us remember the moment we first became aware the nation was under attack.

Rescue workers at a Pentagon day care center worked frantically, trying to evacuate infants quickly, wondering how soon the next plane would hit. They cheered as two American fighter jets flew low overhead.

They had no idea that one of those planes was piloted by a young woman who had prepared for what looked like a suicide mission.

If that fact had been reported then, would anyone have laughed at the idea of a woman pilot?

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Okay, let's see if I've got this straight. The New York Times gets its first female Executive Editor in 163 years. Her bosses won't let her manage with the same level of trust and non-interference every male employee in her position has had. They pay her less than any male employee in her position has ever been paid.

And the frustration came because she was pushy on the issue? Pushy?

I'm not an expert on feminism, aside from wanting to be a good guy - fair on identifiable issues. I can be kind of a dolt on aspects to which I haven't devoted enough thought. I've had to be sharply corrected by close friends who know me well enough to feel okay doing it.

But isn't aggressiveness in business, in management, in journalism, thought to be an asset? At least for males? Pushy?


There is a denial: pay is not the issue. The salary is equal to that of previous editors. But it doesn't take much to see past that. Salary is often a small part of compensation. The denial is accompanied by an acknowledgement that other areas had been cut back.

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