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We have a new US military doctrine.

Fire, Fury, and Power now serve to warn friend and foe alike not to hurt our President's feelings.

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President Trump's attack on Syria was less effective because he let Putin Know first.

He had to.

Here's why.

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A moonless night, an operation approved over dinner, tragic death, and an invented story blaming President Obama.

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The history of those Uyghurs who were held prisoner in Guantanamo is an unfortunate prologue to what is happening now.

Too many patriots are willing to sacrifice those who risk life and well being to help us, if they are not Americans.

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The question on Iraq presented Jeb Bush with an opportunity to achieve a balance between family loyalty and thoughtful policy. All he needed was preparation.

Why it did not occur to him to prepare much earlier for an obvious question remains a mystery.

Marco Rubio had a chance to pick up the pieces. But he managed to trip over the shoelace on Jeb's foot.

Instead of finally proving himself to be the one candidate with a policy vision, he proved instead that vaudeville will never die.

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We can't trust Iran. 

We need to take a harder stand. 

We are in a simmering war. 

We should not be negotiating. We should be in battle.


Where have we heard all this before?

Those of us who have lived long enough might remember word-for-word.

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Our culture has always reacted strongly against torture. Look at how we have portrayed our enemies.

But, for some of us, something changed the day we were attacked. What had been wrong became right.

Conservative reactions against the Senate report on torture contain an obvious self-contradiction: 

On one hand, we did nothing wrong. On the other, it will hurt our image and provoke foreign opposition if the wrongdoing that we didn't do is exposed.

But I am struck by a less obvious, and more dangerous, consistency.

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As the Empress and her entourage made their way down the Dnieper River, the governor had his men erect a fake village and dress up as peasants. As soon as the procession was out of sight, the village would be disassembled, hastily transported down the river before the Empress could arrive, and then reassembled.

The Empress and her group saw dozens of healthy, productive villages, populated by industrious peasants who looked remarkably alike.

Centuries later she is back in suit and tie, disguised as a US Senator.

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