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Ted Nugent - Impolite Name Calling

Well, that was bracing.

In the month and a half since one time rocker Ted Nugent characterized the President in terms most familiar to those who lived in the days of Jim Crow and lynchings, he has semi-sorta apologized. Between those slurs and his revised and extended remarks, he was greeted joyfully by a candidate for Governor of Texas, was endorsed by a former Governor of Alaska, and was the subject of a host of reactions by public conservatives.

His own remarks were controversial, but not entirely unexpected. They comprise a small part of a massive pattern of longstanding behavior.

More instructive was the disapproving reaction of mainstream Republicans.

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Abortion Choice - Host Becomes Bearer

When basic rights are to be curtailed, when an individual is to be compelled, it must be for a reason that is ... well ... compelling. When that happens, the right being abridged and the compelling reason for the abridgment must both be a very big deal.

This is not true for Senator Steve Martin.

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Economists Stumbling Toward an Airplane Propeller

What's the most boring thing imaginable?

Watching paint dry? Watching grass grow? Waiting for the History Channel to show history?

How about a news account of a series of meetings by a group of economists?

Except this group of economists is staggering like an inebriated passenger stumbling toward an airplane propeller. The propeller is we now know as the economic crisis of 2008. The combination of innate cluelessness and lack of information combines with the ability to see things retrospectively to form a horror show of policy.

It's like watching a television drama with little kids playing with dynamite and matches. You hold your breath, knowing this won't be good.


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Why Prosecute the Loud-Music Killer Again?

The man who killed a teenager over an argument about loud music will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. Still, it was not a verdict consistent with common sense.

The interview with the one juror who has stepped forward provided confirmation of what many of us have suspected. A majority of the jury wanted to convict the defendant for outright murder. Three holdouts refused.

At issue was whether the shooter was acting in self-defense. The definition in Florida seems to be looser than in most of the country in two respects.

  • He did not actually have to be in any danger from the teenager he shot and killed. He only had to reasonably imagine the danger.
  • Justifiable homicide in Florida is not an affirmative defense in the same way it is in most parts of the world.

An affirmative defense shifts the burden of proof...

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For the most part, mainstream media outlets have ignored the obvious coverage. They are, for once, just too responsible to get the job done.

I suppose that, in my heart, I have always known of that ageless quality within. I am too old to be young, but I'll never be too old to be immature. So it's time to take up the slack.


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Hillary Clinton Too Ruthless to Rule

Before the President was killed, Robert F. Kennedy had earned a reputation for toughness. When John F. Kennedy encouraged Americans to work at physical fitness, it was his brother Bobby who responded with fifty mile hikes, his exhausted staff in tow.

But the tough image had not been developed on the hiking trail...

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