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As Christians, many of us seem willing to turn their backs on what we see as the least of these, which is to say Jesus Himself.

It is becoming clear that we are now willing to replace Jesus with another ancient figure who stood in brutal opposition.

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If, as Paul Simon promises, the words of a prophet are written on a subway wall, I may yet learn something spiritual from two fictional killers.

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In the hearts of some of my brothers and sisters in Christ, freedom of religion must include the freedom to discriminate against those whose practices violate our ethics, the freedom to require employees to follow our religious beliefs, the freedom to preach our version of the gospel to the children of others without their permission.

Even that is not enough. We hear of a new religious freedom. You now violate my freedom if you criticize my religion.

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Between 700 and 800 Palestinians were massacred by Lebanese Christian militias. Ethnic Tutsi were killed with the active participation of Christian churches.

It would be immoral to blame the Christian faith for these horrible acts.

Why do so many have so much difficulty extending the same basic fairness to members of all faiths?

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Ringleaders of terrorism hope to attract new followers by claiming to represent the only true form of Islam.

Anti-Muslim bigots attack Muslims by claiming that terrorists represent true Islam.

Terrorists provide the propoganda. Bigots provide the echo.

They are unexpected bedfellows, speaking the same words, joining in the same message.

Extremists have become partners in a communion of hatred.

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In the days after 9/11, President George W. Bush led Americans away from religious hatred.

For many, it didn't last.

The terrorist attacks in Paris provoked a renewed rage in America against those who follow Islam.

But in France, Muslims were welcomed in a march for unity. Two Muslims were honored for heroism during the attacks.

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I posed one of the traditional questions. If God had created all that he had created 6000 years ago, how would we explain fossils that were dated millions of years old. How about light from stars billions of light years away?

He had an answer. God had created his creation with the appearance of age. That was my introduction to what is known as the Omphalos hypothesis, named for a novel written in the mid-1800s. It has a certain chicken-and-egg logic to it. If God created the egg, it would appear to have come from a chicken. If God created a chicken, it would appear to have come from an egg. Both would have the Appearance of Age.

I suggested that, if God had gone through that much trouble to give his universe the Appearance of Age, it seemed to me a bit unsporting for us not to surrender to his will and believe in all those contrived eons.

My new friend's unbending faith was strong enough for him to find my observation completely nonthreatening. In fact, he laughed appreciatively. It was hard not to like him.

Not all creationists accept the Omphalos hypothesis. I don't much blame them. The big gaping hole in it is that it can support pretty much any theory of limited existence. God created the universe last Tuesday. He did it with the Appearance of Age, including memories, pseudo-history, relationships, and a fictitious past. Why not?

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