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My President now publicly warns us of 100 pound bags of drugs falling from the sky, sent upward by Mexican catapults.

Ha Ha.

The problem is, some fantasies are leaving scars on vulnerable people, and doing lasting damage to our democracy.

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Experts say voter fraud is very rare.

They tell us that making non-drivers come up with photo IDs is just a way to make it harder to vote.

So why can't they make a clear, understandable case?

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Restrictions on voting are not new. Arguments that they prevent voter fraud are not new. Nor are the actual motives.

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Since ancient times, applying a law retroactively, punishing people for what had been legal before, was considered unfair. So was increasing punishments for crimes that had been committed in the past.

In fact, delegates put protections directly into the Constitution. One said Congress couldn't pass laws like that. The other said individual states couldn't pass laws or punishments retroactively.

But that's what the Governor of Iowa is doing by executive order. And a young woman was prosecuted for trying to vote.

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In 1965, when the Voting Rights Act was first passed, the reasoning was very simple. Racial discrimination in voting should not be allowed.

The provision of the Voting Rights Act to which conservatives objected the most named specific states, and specific parts of other states, those with the most vicious history of voting suppression, for special supervision. Conservatives thought that was unfair.

The burden of proof before 1965 was on anyone who wanted equal rights. Local politicians lost records and insisted that coincidence accounted for those disparities that remained. Local judges were often hostile to minority rights. Foot dragging meant that years could pass before burdens of proof could be met.

Courts even ruled, in 1903, that southern registrars could not be forced to process valid voter registrations.

In 2013, the Supreme court ruled that states, not people, were inherently equal. History of voting suppression should not matter. And in 2014, a district court said it could not force the state of Georgia to process valid voter registrations.

Conservatives are beginning to talk about voting as a privilege, not as a right. 

In 1965 we sprang ahead toward equal rights. Now we fall back to states rights.

Conservative Savings Time.

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Changes that keep keep minority voters and the elderly from voting for the other side are necessary. If voting rights are violated, that's just the price you have to pay.

The campaign activist locked alone with the ballots? Let's not make a big deal over every little thing.

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