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The Obamacare Injustice That Never Was

The cost per month would be a little more than half. Her astounded reaction:"I personally do not believe that."

And who can blame her? She had been told by anti-Obamacare activists that the most expensive of her prescriptions would not be covered. She would have to pay for it in addition to the new insurance coverage. So there goes the savings.

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Phyllis Schlafly and Demon Rum

I have a modest suggestion for an ad campaign.

The issue is the manufacture of a specialty beer in St. Louis. Phyllis Schlafly is opposed. The beer is produced by a partnership that includes a nephew by marriage, Tom Schlafly.

Phyllis Schlafly has a point. She has made the name Schlafly famous through her conservative activism. She has written on many topics, most notably against any arms treaties with hostile nations. But she is most famous for her opposition to feminism.

She seems to practice what she preaches. She once told an interviewer that she cancels speeches whenever her husband instructs her to spend more time at home.


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Putin's Superbus Foreign Policy

One soldier kept Rome from being conquered by a surrounding army.

He didn't threaten the army, or the enemy city that sent the army.

He confronted the King who led the army with one dramatic act.

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