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The outrage from liberals on behalf of Goldwater in 1964 was vocal.

From conservatives in 2015?

Not so much.

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On abortion, I understand the position of my conservative friends. I'm fairly sure they don't comprehend mine.


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The umbrella man of Dealey Plaza was never a serious analyst of nuclear limits.

He wasn't in 1963.

He isn't today.

And we should answer conservatives as they try to bring him back.

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How an officious airline counter employee taught me something important about Donald Trump and heroism.

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Calls for assassination are moving from the fringes. Advocates are sharing the stage with mainstream conservatives.

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In the hearts of some of my brothers and sisters in Christ, freedom of religion must include the freedom to discriminate against those whose practices violate our ethics, the freedom to require employees to follow our religious beliefs, the freedom to preach our version of the gospel to the children of others without their permission.

Even that is not enough. We hear of a new religious freedom. You now violate my freedom if you criticize my religion.

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The question on Iraq presented Jeb Bush with an opportunity to achieve a balance between family loyalty and thoughtful policy. All he needed was preparation.

Why it did not occur to him to prepare much earlier for an obvious question remains a mystery.

Marco Rubio had a chance to pick up the pieces. But he managed to trip over the shoelace on Jeb's foot.

Instead of finally proving himself to be the one candidate with a policy vision, he proved instead that vaudeville will never die.

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Within the last few years, a British spy at a high level within al Qaeda and a secret informant with the North Korean government were compromised by published reports.

If reports are accurate, the existance of an official in the government of Pakistan has been revealed, after he helped Americans know where and how to kill Osama bin laden.

We have to be impressed by the bravery of those reporters who inform us of all the facts, and who courageously accept the consequences of their actions.

Regardless of who suffers those consequences.

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Commuters sometimes take traffic delays personally. That is why 4 successive days of 4 hour delays, delays generated deliberately, have hurt Chris Christie more than any comparable scandal.

But the Governor has gone through a period of introspection. He may have discovered within himself a path to recovery.

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Satire can be a mighty weapon when humor is used to puncture the pretensions of the privileged, the pretentions of the elite.

When it directed at the downtrodden, those who struggle to overcome hardship, satire mutates to something less noble. It becomes simple meanness, petty and cruel.

Free speech includes freedom of malevolence. We can and we must defend the rights of those who bully and hate.

That full and vigorous defense does not obligate us to join them in their hatred.

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